Tamar Center Pattaya

Who is Daniel Vaupel?

Daniel Vaupel is the main person behind Tamar Center Pattaya; they spy on bars around town for the more sinister non-profits for profit.

Daniel Vaupel and his wife have been trying to damage bars and deceive bar girls for profit for many years in Pattaya.

What does Tamar Center Pattaya do?

They lie to donors to pretend they are rescuing trafficked women; all they do is send volunteer missionaries around to bars around Pattaya, they lie to bar girls saying they are English teachers, but really they are trying to convert as many girls into Christians because that’s what donors want.  They also trick girls into leaving highly paid sex work, where a majority are happy, promising them jobs, but in reality, there are no jobs, and all the jobs are low-paid.

Where do all the millions in funding come from?

They get large Christian donations from the bible belt at Colorado Springs, where most tax dodgers’ profit-making organisations use the non-profit legal framework.

Daniel Vaupel surrounds himself with naive Christian women (volunteer missionaries) who believe everything he says. They soon find out that the Tamar charity is a scam, and none of the bar girls want rescuing. It’s only the older ladies leaving bar work who come to them for “help,” but they are just deceived into leaving, and Daniel’s team tries to convert them.

Tamar Center is heavily linked financially with YWAM who has been criticised for spiritual abuse,  the same accusations that Daniel Vaupal has received.

What do other Christians say about Daniel?

Daniel wants to be the main man in Pattaya when it comes to destroying bars, feeding info back to the dirty raid and rescue organisations, he has said to insiders that he thinks The Exodus Road do a great job setting people up,  says the bars are ran by dangerous and evil men.  Daniel  does not want any Christian men around his business,  he actually discredits any other men that are around, he tries to damage their reputation.

The Tamar Scam Explained

They raise funding from Christians,  they get free labour from missionaries,  they find a few older women that need money, then they tell everyone they rescued them from bars, some girls they promise a good future to, convince them to leave highly paid sex work, then there is no job at the end of their training, and the ladies family suffers financial losses. They offer alternative employment, but if they do actually get a job, the pay is very low and not enough to support their family in the villages.  Tamar Center causes more harm than good,  all for the sake of Daniel lining his pockets.

Where are they based?

They have a location on Soi 6, which they regularly use to spy on bars; they use it to taunt bar owners with live music, singing and Jesus songs.  This does not help any relationships out in Pattaya, last year they purposely blocked the road singing about Christianity and winding up customers of the girls, which caused financial losses for the girls they are pretending to save/help.

Their other location is Tamar Bakery on Third Road; this is where they have money laundering meetings (leaders of different charities consulting each other at high rates). This is where they plan to create problems for bars and bar owners and think of ways to deceive Thai women into leaving their jobs.

They have other locations on Treppasit Road and Goh Pai, but we haven’t been able to check if they are still there. Daniel spends most his day upstairs in the Third Road location. They use these locations to get more funding.

What is Daniel’s Vaupel’s dream?

Daniel wants to be the only Christian man in town who has power over access to the bars and the bar girls, for that, he provides info for the non-profits that give him backhanders, Daniel wants to live in paradise, so he needs to keep pretending to rescue girls, also he has a deep hatred for the bars, bar owners, but at the same time, insiders say that his wife and him go to sex parties  (swinging parties) to fornicate with other couples. This is far from the way of Christian teaching and sin in the eyes of god..  (which is very hypocritical)

Soi 6 Building is used to wind up local bar owners.

Local bar owners have complained of harassment from Daniel using unwitting volunteers to do his dirty work; this is why all Christians aren’t allowed in the bars anymore because Daniel Vaupal and The Exodus Road have been working on setting up raids of innocent bar owners.

He uses volunteers to wind up bar owners, putting them at risk of angry girls who have suffered financial losses because of Tamar trying to block customers and get in the way of customers by wasting the girl’s time trying to deceive them.

Read more about this evil man  https://theexodusroaduncovered.com/dear-pattaya-bar-owners-daniel-at-tamar-works-with-the-exodus-road/

Tamar tries to convert girls by offering them English lessons; this is an outdated method that no longer works. The girls have customers, websites and applications to learn from now, but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work; they just need the donors to believe it and keep sending lots of cash.