Spiritual Abuse at YWAM linked to Daniel Vaupel at The Tamar Center

Please check out the article from Ministry Watch.  https://ministrywatch.com/spiritual-abuse-a-common-complaint-for-ywam-students/

Please check out both of the videos below,  soon Daniel Vaupel will be exposed (this is why he only works with females)  what about males helping? what about saving gay guys or ladyboys?

Proof in the links below that YWAM run/own Tamar Center

“Another Christian ministry in Thailand, Youth With a Mission (YWAM), an international missionary training school, started the Tamar Center in the city of Pattaya, 100 kilometers south of Bangkok. Similar to ZOE, the Tamar Center focuses both on prevention of trafficking crimes and on restoration of God’s hope in victims, particularly women. To combat the tsunami of human trafficking in Thailand, organizations must collaborate to make any kind of difference. The Tamar Center partners with the Hands of Hope and the Hand to Hand Foundations.

To be effective in this difficult ministry, the Tamar Outreach Center is located in Pattaya’s red light district. Tamar staff are not shy about visiting women in the district’s bars to tell them about how they can change their lives and to share Jesus’ love with them. Women who are ready to leave their enslaved lives behind are provided housing, vocational training, counseling, biblical teaching, and practical help. ”  From Global Frontier Missions