The Mafia Boss at The Tamar Center

Unfortunately, some leaders proclaim to be doing good work but fall to their temptations. You will find this to be the case when it comes to Daniel Vaupal, the leader of the Tamar Center in Pattaya, Thailand. Daniel runs this center like a mob boss. He is one man among many young girls.

Daniel Vaupal is married, but this doesn’t stop him from exploring his nefarious desires. Tamar is a program sponsored by YWAM, Youth With A Mission. YWAM has a sinister past. Many individuals who have come from this program have reported serious allegations of emotional, religious, and sexual abuse. 

Leaders around the world have used psychological threats against these young volunteers who pay to work in YWAM programs. The number one threat leaders use is to suggest that these young workers are in rebellion against God if they question authority. This allows individuals such as Daniel to manipulate and coarse young girls to carry out his orders without questioning his power.

This is a powerful tactic, and here is the scary truth to men like Daniel. Daniel and YWAM are heavily connected with Matt and Laura Parker from The Exodus Road. Here is another link to this powerful mind-controlling concept. The Parker’s are good friends of John, and Lisa Bevere. John is an author and “Hollywood” famous Religious Speaker. John is an entrepreneur and visionary like Matt Parker. They understand the business and the way to make money using religion.

Here’s the scary mentality these three entities use to manipulate and exploit young girls. John published a book entitled, “Under Cover” Why your response to leadership determines your future. Bevere writes in his book that you should always obey spiritual authority. You should never question authority. He claims you are to be under the cover of those in spiritual authority in your church and religious organizations. The term “spiritual authority,” as explained by John is you are to obey because what the leader is telling you to do is what God wants you to do.

Daniel Vaupal uses these tactics to enable The Exodus Road to run roughshod in Thailand. There are many links between Daniel and Matt Parker. These two use religion as a means to exploit and live out their dark fantasies with young girls. They use these religious tactics to cushion their bank accounts with extremely high salaries. These organizations exploit young girls for unlivable wages. They have these girls come and work in their bakeries and then collect a lot of money for their selfish desires.

Many bar owners have seen Daniel in their establishments with young girls. They have expressed concerns because he tries to manipulate young working girls to work for him. There are very serious concerns with his behaviour with these young girls. We can only imagine what he does when he gets them back to his bakery and hotel. Does this turn into his private brothel? Once he convinces a girl to work for him, he then begins the YWAM program of indoctrination. The girls have to accept Jesus into their hearts. He can then manipulate and wield unvested power over them. They dare not question his authority.

Finally, Daniel is under investigation. He is being watched. More importantly, girls are beginning to speak out about his behaviour towards them. Some claim inappropriate touching and verbal abuse. They cry to his wife, but she is a victim of Daniel’s scams and tactics. For over seventeen years Daniel has cultivated an environment for his devious desires. He has aligned himself with The Exodus Road. He plays everyone in the entire anti-trafficking arena. He claims to help young girls, but that just isn’t what seems to be the truth. The Tamar Center in Pattaya, operates like an organized crime syndicate. The teachings of John Bevere, the false narrative espoused by The Exodus Road, and the treacherous history of YWAM are reaping huge salaries and sexual opportunities for the Mafia Boss at the Tamar Center.

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